Pet Tips Dog Owners Should Definitely Know About

Pet Tips Dog Owners Should Definitely Know About

I adore my dog. These are seven tips that I think other dog owners should be aware of. I’m not a veterinarian.

1) Don’t let adult dogs or puppies chew on the newspaper. They could get sick from the ink. You should also get rid of all deadly mushrooms from your yard. Keep your dog away from dangerous plants. Puppies love to chew. This applies to cords as well. Keep cords that are plugged in away from them.

2) Don’t let your dog or puppy chew on anything that could cause a sharp pain in their throats (splinters of hard plastic or wood). It could cause damage to their stomach or lining.

3) Don’t give your dog raisins, chocolate, onions, and onions. A Vet said that these foods can cause death in dogs. These foods can be deadly to dogs during the holidays.

You should be careful not to let your dog sniff parking spaces or driveways. You don’t want your dog to lick oily fluids from cars. A veterinarian told me that dogs love the smell of transmission fluid, which can be fatal to them. If your dog is licking up oil or transmission fluid, you should immediately seek vet help.

5) If your dog lives or goes hiking with you, I suggest you get your dog a rattlesnake shot. Your Vet may not recommend this if your dog is ill or elderly. My vet told me that the best time to give this shot was in the early spring when rattlesnake season is beginning. The vaccine is most effective in the first six months, according to my Vet. However, you should verify this with your own vet. My dog was given the shot. She had to get it twice, each time for three weeks. It is now an annual shot. My Vet said that the shot only buys you time if your dog bites. For additional medicine or medical care, you must take your dog to the veterinarian immediately. After your dog is bitten, don’t be cheap. One Vet shared with me the story of a man who bit his dog and then died from complications. He waited too long before he could get help. A trainer can be hired to help your dog avoid rattlesnakes. You should have this training in addition to your rattlesnake shot, or if your dog is not allowed. This is because I know a dog owner who tried to get their dog rattlesnake-trained, but it didn’t work out for them. Their dog was too excited to sniff the bushes and the snake bit their nose. Unfortunately, the dog died.

6) Keep your old towels. If you take your dog to the beach or creek, keep a few towels in your trunk. You can also place them on the floor or in the back seat of your car for your dog to lay on. This is great for shedding and muddy or sandy dogs.

7) Do you have too many towels or are you looking for new towels? Ask your shelter if you have any towels that they can use for their dogs. Shelters may not have the funds to purchase towels for their dogs to use in the metal cages. I donate towels to pet shops that take them to shelters like these.

Do you love the cool tricks that YouTube shows for dogs? Do you want to show your dog fun tricks? These are five pet tips to teach your dog fun tricks.

8. Practice training daily. Your pup will learn best when you are consistent. Dog tricks can be learned in 10-20 minutes each day.

If you have the time and an attentive pet, you can do more. If you want to do more, split it into two sessions. Dogs have one of the longest attention spans anywhere in the world. This should be enjoyable. Your dog will learn faster if it is fun.

9. Do not train your dog to do too many things at once. Dogs respond best when you focus on one task at once. Focused training is the most efficient. Focused training is the best. Do not work on multiple dog tricks at once.

You can learn many tricks by building on each other. Even if you only do one, you will make great progress very quickly. Ducky, a Springer Spaniel, performs a trick called “touching it”. I taught her “Down” first. Next, I taught her “Down.” Next, I taught her to “Stay.” Then she learned how to “Touch it.” Like this, most skills are just layers of incremental progress.

10. These tricks are for your pet and not you. Don’t make it too difficult for your pet.

When teaching your dog, be responsive. Your dog may be restless, bored, or want to do something different. Dog tricks are not meant to impress anyone, but to have fun with your dog. Do not force your dog into doing things that he does not want.

11. After your dog masters a skill, you shouldn’t force him/her to do it again. Dogs can get bored, just like humans. Learn new skills. Canines love a challenge.

12. Be patient. It can take time to learn some things. It’s OK if your dog doesn’t grasp the concept right away. It’s okay to take small steps and celebrate your progress. When your dog shows progress, praise and reward him. Dogs learn new skills through hard work. Appreciate the effort.

These pet tips will help you to make your dog a master at dog tricks. You’ll soon have your own YouTube channel with cool dog tricks.

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